Patio Doors

E.T.  Windows and Doors offers patio doors in many styles, colours and finishes.  Our patio doors create convenient entry ways into your home while giving you all of the benefits of a door and a window.  With patio doors from E.T. Windows and Doors, you can enhance the décor of your home, enjoy the view and let in the sun’s light and warmth.
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All-PVC Frame – Sliding

This new generation of all PVC frame sliding windows, has the style and design to fit into any budget or décor.
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PVC and Wood Frame

Our PVC and Wood Frame series of sliding windows have an added “structural wood” portion that can increase the frame’s rigidity and strength. We can offer a greater variety in frame sizes for both new building or renovation projects.
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All Wood Frame

If you need an all wood frame instead of a PVC or Aluminium frame, take a look at our mechanically assembled all-wood frame patio doors.
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Aluminium Frame

Do you need the combination of two rows of sliding panels to meet special design and performance requirements in your home? Our Aluminium Frame – Sliding patio doors give you the best solution.
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Hybrid Frame

When you need the best combination of an Aluminium exterior and a PVC interior frame , the Hybrid Frame – Sliding window has it all.
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Swinging Series

Are you looking for the elegance of a European style garden door with quality PVC construction? Our “Swinging Series” sliding doors will enhance any room with their charm and good looks.
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Impact Series

Our “Impact Series” is designed and built to meet the most stringent design and construction specifications.
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